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Twitch Streamer In Tears After Son Of Popular American Rapper Ice-T Cuts Her Hair On Camera

A Twitch streamer in the USA was reportedly left in tears after the son of popular American rapper Ice-T cut her hair on a live stream without her consent.

The young lady known as ‘Malek_04’ found herself in the middle of a bizarre prank while hosting a house party in Las Vegas, Nevada state, USA, over the weekend.

Malek was broadcasting the party live on the streaming platform, and began eating an orange in front of the camera when one of the guests, Tracy Marrow Jr., 31, approached her holding a pair of scissors in his hand.

In the video, the streamer says: “This orange is good. I’m just like munching on this f***ing orange.”

Then, to her utter surprise, Marrow Jr randomly cuts a chunk of her hair, as Malek exclaims: “Wait, what the f***?”

She then adds as she backs off from the 31-year-old musician and record producer: “What the f***, man?”

Tracy Marrow Jr, son of Ice T, an American rapper, cuts the hair of a Twitch streamer, known as Malek_04, undated. The pair were together as part of a gathering for TwitchCon Las Vegas, USA. (@malek_04/CEN)

Marrow Jr then presents the hair to the camera and says through a smile: “Yo, who wants it?”

Although the rest of the stream is unavailable to watch on Twitch, Malek was reportedly later seen crying on the broadcast, according to local media.

However, some viewers claimed that her tears were the result of a different situation.

Other Twitch users who watched the stream pointed out that cutting a person’s hair without their consent can be considered assault and could result in jail time.

Malek has not spoken about the incident on social media yet.

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