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Woman On WC Mauled After Feeding THC Laced Gummy Bear To Stressed Rottweiler

A woman on the toilet was savaged by her 82-pound Rottweiler pet after she gave it a THC-laced gummy bear to calm it down after it had been behaving stressed.

But while smaller quantities can reduce anxiety in humans, larger quantities can have the opposite effect, and in dogs, THC is known to be toxic and potentially lethal.

The woman informed the authorities that two-year-old Blau had pounced on her in the bathroom while she was on the toilet and ripped her off the seat in her house in Gaylord, in the US state of Michigan, on 5th October.

According to an incident report from Otsego County Animal Control & Shelter, she was attacked almost immediately after administering the psychoactive substance THC, which is obtained from cannabis and is known to be toxic and potentially lethal to dogs.

The Rottweiler attack persisted for a full hour, resulting in the entire house being covered in blood before she managed to lock herself in the bedroom and allow the dog to roam freely through the house.

The owner then dialled 911 to report the dog attack, but Blau was described as “subdued, not barking or growling” by the time EMS and animal control officers arrived.

When they attempted to approach the dog with catchpoles, he attempted to flee but was quickly cornered and secured by Animal Control Officers.

Upon entering the bedroom, they discovered the victim, who appeared to be seriously injured due to the harrowing attack.

Animal Control Officer Melissa FitzGerald said: “I opened the door and witnessed the victim lying face up on the bed, covered in blood. The room was dimly lit, but an extensive amount of blood was evident on the bed, walls, and floor.”

The woman was airlifted to a medical centre located 60 miles away in Traverse City, where she underwent emergency surgery, necessitating intubation, and her placement in the intensive care unit.

In the aftermath of the attack, she came perilously close to losing her right arm. However, doctors were able to save it, despite the report noting that there remains very little of the area between her shoulder and elbow.

The woman’s father subsequently informed officials that he had purchased the gummies for Blau due to his daughter’s challenging divorce situation.

Blau was described as being “very stressed” and had a prior history of aggression.

In March this year, during a visit to the vet, he was reported to have exhibited aggressive behaviours, including lunging, growling, and attempts to bite.

Due to Blau’s documented history of aggression, particularly the recent attack, the woman authorised the euthanisation of the Rottweiler on the 14th of October by signing the necessary form.

Two days later she, along with her parents, visited the county shelter to have a final farewell with Blau.

The next day, the animal was compassionately taken to the vet and euthanised.

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