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 Cop Nearly Killed After Banned Driver Rams His Vehicle Off The Road

A lucky cop in the UK has escaped death by a whisker after a disqualified driver sent him spinning off the road when he rear-ended his vehicle during a high-speed chase.

Officers from the Northumbria Police, England, UK, condemned driver Nathan Ferguson, 24, after he drove a tipper van the wrong way down the A19 road, and rammed a police car onto the grass verge on Thursday, 16th February.

Northumbria Police said in a statement obtained by Clipzilla: “This is the moment one of our sergeants was sent spinning off the road after being rammed by a dangerous driver.

“Senior police say Nathan Ferguson could’ve easily killed members of the public and our officer after using a tipper van to shunt a police car off the A19.

The police claimed that the 24-year-old man jumped several red lights and caused other motorists to take evasive action at the time.

Ferguson’s careless driving then prompted a police pursuit between North Tyneside and County Durham, before he shunted a marked police car being driven by Sergeant Dave Roberts.

Cops said: “His dangerous antics prompted a lengthy pursuit – before he shunted a Motor Patrols officer off the road.

Sergeant Dave Roberts said he almost died while pursuing Nathan Ferguson (pictured) in a police car on the A19 between North Tyneside and County Durham on 16 February 2023. (Northumbria Police/Clipzilla)

“Sargent Roberts suffered whiplash injuries as a result.

“On 19th July, Ferguson was jailed and handed a road ban after admitting charges including dangerous driving and assault causing ABH.

“Chief Supt Neil Hutchison described Ferguson’s antics as ‘among the most dangerous pieces of driving I’ve seen in 25 years of policing’.

“We’d like to say a huge thanks to all who played their part in the successful apprehension of Ferguson, in particular Sargent Roberts who showed outstanding bravery and dedication to protecting others.”

Ferguson was jailed for 30 months and given a 27-month driving ban, which comes into effect upon his release from prison.

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