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Drunk Father Hurled Son Into Air And Let Him Drop To Ground

A drunk dad seen hurling his baby son into the air and letting him drop to the pavement to ‘toughen him up’ has been seized by police.

Richard Kavin Register III, 29, poses in undated photo. He was arrested after he threw his 15-month-old son in the air and let him drop to the pavement, on Thursday, Aug.17, 2023. (Horry County Jail/Newsflash)

Accused Richard Kavin Register III, 29, was arrested after a horrified witness saw him smash the 15-month-old infant to the ground after shaking the tot violently.

She was so concerned she tried to get the baby away from Register but was too terrified to stand up to him, according to local media.

She flagged down a police patrol car in the city of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina State, USA, who found Register and the baby who was “crying uncontrollably” on 17th August.

After taking the naked child away police noticed red marks on his torso, records show.

Register is now facing charges of unlawful conduct towards a child, public intoxication and possession of cannabis.

A shocking police report on the arrest says: “The offender added that there is nothing wrong with playing rough with the victim and that he drops him often in an attempt to toughen the victim up.

“Due to the offender’s level of intoxication, I ordered him to place victim back into the stroller and detained him while I investigate further.”

It went on: “The naked victim [was] also crying hysterically and appeared to be dehydrated,” police said.”

The report shows that Register was drunk and in possession of cannabis when he was taken into custody.

Social services later took the baby into emergency protective custody.

Meanwhile, officers found a zip-close bag with 5.49 grammes of cannabis in Register’s possession, as well as a 40-ounce bottle of malt liquor under the stroller.

He was booked into the Horry County Jail under a USD 50,716 (GBP 40,249) bond.

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