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Elderly Woman Attacked By A Young Bear That Broke Into Her House

An 82-year-old woman narrowly escaped serious injury after she managed to fight off a 100-lb bear that had broken into her home and charged at her.

Photo shows the scratches on the body of the woman, 82, made by a bear in her home in Boncarbo, west of Trinidad in Colorado in August 2023. She declined medical attention for her scratches. (Colorado Parks and Wildlife/Newsflash)

The victim, who was not named in local media, was reportedly awakened by the intruder that entered her home near Boncarbo, in the US State of Colorado, shortly after midnight on 11th August.

She got out of bed when she heard a crashing sound and her dog’s sudden growling.

As she entered the entrance hall, a small cinnamon-coloured black bear jumped at her.

The victim immediately pushed the bear off her and closed the double doors to the room. She estimated the bear weighed around 100 lbs.

The bear, believed to be a cub or yearling, then scrambled frantically around the room, climbed a shelf and exited the house by tearing through an open window screen.

The woman suffered only minor scratches on her legs and refused medical attention but she did alert the Colorado Parks And Wildlife Department to the incident.

The Department classified the bear as dangerous and said it will be humanely euthanised if found.

CPW Officer Bob Holder immediately began a search of the area and set a trap for the bear in case it returned.

Mike Brown, CPW’s regional Area Wildlife Manager said in a statement Newsflash obtained: “Human health and safety always remain our top priority in any incident like this, regardless of how minor the injuries are.

“CPW officers are doing everything we can to locate this bear. Luckily, the victim’s injuries consist of very minor scratches.”

This is the fourth reported bear attack in Colorado this year, the CPW said.

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