Guman Shot Ex And Her Gran

A cruel killer who made his ex and her grandmother watch each other being shot has been jailed for 110 years by judges in Indiana, USA.

Photo shows Gary Cecil Ferrell II, undated. The Indiana man jailed for over 100 years after killing his ex-girlfriend Promise Mays and her grandmother Pamela Sledd. (Clinton County Sheriff’s Office/CEN)

Gary Cecil Ferrell II, 28, had waited to ambush his former girlfriend, Promise Mays, 21, when she turned up for work at a car seat factory in Frankfort.

But when he pulled a handgun and tried to force her into the boot of his car her grandmother, who also worked at the plant, challenged him.

Ferrell, the court heard, shot Pamela Sledd, 62, three times and then turned the gun on her granddaughter.

In a shocking final act of cruelty, he ran over Promise as he fled the car park after the double shooting in 2021, prosecutors said.

He was later arrested after crashing his getaway car into a building site during a 100 mph car chase with the police.

Ferrell was sentenced to 45 years and 65 years for each count of murder, with the sentences to run consecutively.

Under Indiana law, he will have to serve at least 75 per cent of his sentence, or 80 years in prison, before becoming eligible for parole.

Photo shows Promise Mays from Rossville, 21, undated. She was murdered in 2021. (CEN)

Clinton Superior Court Judge Justin H. Hunter called the murders “brutal and heinous”.

He said Ferrell had carried them out so that the victims “watched the other being shot”.

Judge Hunter said: “With respect to the murder he inflicted upon Pamela Sled, defendant shot Ms. Sledd after she had turned her back and was retreating from the scene of the offence she had witnessed against her granddaughter.”

He said Ferrell had “acted out an entitlement to control and possess Promise Mays, whether in life or in death, even though she had demonstrated only kindness for the many people whom she encountered in her short and precious life.”

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