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 Las Vegas Ghoul Lived With Girlfriend’s Corpse For Months

A ghoul who stashed the corpse of his dead girlfriend in a closet of his Las Vegas home for two months jammed it shut with a cooler box to stop her from getting out.

Photo shows George Bone after being arrested on Wednesday, July 26, 2023. He allegedly murdered his girlfriend Beverly Ma, leaving her body in the closet of their home in Las Vegas for months. (Las Vegas Police Department/Newsflash)

Convicted sex offender George Bone, 31 – now facing a murder charge – is believed to have throttled victim Beverly Ma with a belt.

He revealed her decomposing body to her horrified family members after they demanded an answer to how she had disappeared.

Bone had put Beverly in a closet in his apartment with a cooler in front of the door to stop her, he told the police, from coming back to life and getting out.

He told officers he was terrified of her seeking revenge after death “like the movie ‘The Grudge’.”

Bone had turned the air conditioning down to 60 degrees Fahrenheit (15.5 degrees Celsius) because of flies swarming over the body, according to local media.

He was arrested by the police in Las Vegas, in the US state of Nevada, on 26th July.

Beverly’s family had been on a call to the police when Bone let them into his apartment and showed them the body.

Local media reported she had been missing for two months and had had 84 missed calls from her family on her phone.

Despatchers sent a patrol car to the address after the family’s mobile phone suddenly cut off.

Bone suggested that Beverly had killed herself but said he had not called the police because he would be arrested “for being a person of colour.”

He told the police: “Since my truth is sounding so much like lies, I think I need to get an attorney.”

He is next set to appear in court on 1st August.

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