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Man Scoops USD 100k On Lotto Driving Home From Beach House Buy

A lotto fan won an astonishing USD 100,000 on a scratchcard he bought on his way home from buying a luxury beach house.

Lucky Mark Stephenson had just closed the deal on the home in Surf City, North Carolina State, USA, when he stopped off to celebrate the lotto tickets.

To his astonishment, he won an amazing jackpot with a ticket he picked up at a convenience store.

Mark – from the town of Kenly – said: “We just closed on our beach house yesterday and we were on our way back when we stopped at a Speedway and bought the ticket.”

As they drove away, said Mark, his wife began scratching off the ticket panels.

He said: “She just started screaming. I had to pull off so we could collect our thoughts.”

The pair collected USD 71,256 (GBP 55,129) after state and federal taxes at North Carolina Educational Lottery headquarters in Raleigh on 11th July.

Mark said: “We are just very blessed and very thankful.”

He revealed that he will use the money to pay off the mortgage on the couple’s new beach house and renovate it.

North Carolina Education Lottery said: “The USD 2,000,000 Riches game debuted in May with four USD 2 million [GBP 1.5 million] top prizes and eight USD 100,000 [GBP 77,336] prizes.

“Three USD 2 million [GBP 1.5 million] prizes and four USD 100,000 [GBP 77,336] prizes remain to be claimed.”

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