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12 Homes Left Uninhabitable By Landslide Into Canyon

The video shows the extensive damage caused to 12 homes by a landslide.

The properties were all evacuated over the weekend after the ground beneath them shifted, making them, in most cases, no longer habitable.

In the video shared on Twitter by the Los Angeles County Fire Department, it showcased the partially collapsed homes and significant damage to the ground, with visible cracks. The city said that 16 people were displaced.

The landslide happened at Rolling Hills Estates in Los Angeles County in California. in the United States on July 9, 2023

Rolling Hills Estates is collaborating with Los Angeles County agencies and the Red Cross to provide shelter for the affected residents, according to a statement on the city’s website.

The city is also working closely with the LACFD and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to monitor the situation in the affected area.

Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Chair Janice Hahn tweeted on Sunday, stating that homes had been dislodged from their foundations.

The land is also still in motion, although the evacuation order currently only applies to these 12 homes.

Image shows home threatened by a sliding hillside, undated photo. About a dozen families have been evacuated in the city of Rolling Hills Estates, Los Angeles County, California State, USA, in July 2023. (L.A. County Fire Department/Newsflash)

Hahn, at a press conference on Monday explained the landslide caused the ground to move around 20 feet since she her visit to the area the day before when there were only a “few cracks” and the garages were bent.

Hahn said garages and back decks were “gone” and had fallen into the ravine.

“I’ve never seen anything like it. They’re completely uninhabitable,” , adding that officials are waiting for the homes to fall into the ravine to figure out what caused the incident.

Southern California is susceptible to landslides due to its location on a major tectonic plate boundary and its geological complexity, as highlighted by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and the California Geological Survey.

The region experiences various types of landslides, including rapid debris flows triggered by heavy rainfall, according to the USGS report.

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