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Mother Seized For Chewing Her Four-Month-Old Baby’s Face

A mother seized for biting her four-month-old baby daughter on the face and leg has confessed to police claiming she is suffering from post-natal depression.

Photo shows Lisa Ashley after being arrested. The Tennessee woman, 20, allegedly bit 4-month-old girl on the face and knee. (Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office/Newsflash).

Lisa Ashley, 20, from Soddy-Daisy, in the US state of Tennessee, was reported to police after her father and stepmum reportedly found bite marks on the infant’s body.

Now she faces abuse charges with one count of child abuse and a further count of child neglect, according to the police.

The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office said that a deputy visited the baby’s home on 6th July after a tip-off from her dad David Ashley and his wife Jessica Ashley.

Her stepmum told police she believed the baby was being abused after finding “marks and bruises” on the baby’s body.

Deputy Logan Faulkner said in an affidavit he had also “observed a bruise” on the baby’s face.

The document went on: “David and Jessica advised me that Lisa was no longer living at the residence and that they are worried for the child’s wellbeing due to the incidents.

“David and Jessica advised me that Lisa is staying with a friend of hers.”

The following day, police deputies went to the apartment where Ashley was staying with a friend and her husband.

Faulkner said that saw marks on the baby with Ashley first claiming she “had nothing to do with the bruises and that she did not know who bit” her daughter.

The officer said in his statement that he then asked to see the infant.

He said: “I then observed the one on her cheek and I also observed the bite mark on her knee. I also observed a bruise on her bottom. They had all healed significantly when I observed them.”

Ashley finally admitted biting the tot when the officer asked her outright if she had done it and she replied: “Yes.”

She said she felt guilty and began praying after biting the baby “before she knew what she was doing.”

Ashley was arrested on 7th July and was taken to the Hamilton County Jail.

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