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Officers Help Teen Boy Tie His Necktie For His First School Dance

Two police officers were praised after they helped a local teenager get ready for his first school dance and tied his necktie for him.

The teen in need, only referred to as ‘Z’, went to the local police station in Pitcairn, in the US State of Pennsylvania, alongside his mum, named Dee, after neither of them could not work out the neckwear.

Dee met with Detective Caruso and told her the boy was attending his first school dance, and needed help tying his tie.

The detective then requested assistance from her partner, Officer Linebarger, who was happy to lend them a hand.

He fixed the boy’s tie and made sure it was tied properly, and the length was ideal.

Still images show Officer Linebarger helping ‘Z’ tie the tie and making sure the length is right at his belt line.

‘Z’ then posed for a picture with the two officers after they helped him complete the look.

The Pitcairn Police Department said in a statement obtained by Newsflash: “Community Policing is very important to the Pitcairn Police Department!

“Knowing that our residents know that they can come to our department and to our officers to assist them with a task so small of tying a tie is very important to us!

“Have a great time at your first school dance Z!

“Well done Detective Caruso and Officer Linebarger!”

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