Black Bear Found Prowling US Airport

This is the moment security at one of America’s busiest airports gets tested – by a huge black bear.

The fully grown bruin was picked up on security cameras trying to get through a perimeter fence at Florida’s Tampa International Airport.

Video footage of the bear – recorded by wildlife officers – shows the hungry-looking bear as it carefully pushed the chainlink fence as if testing its strength.

As it prowls up and down, it seems to be eyeing up the main terminal building a short walk away.

Eventually, the bear gives up and lopes back into the lush tropical undergrowth surrounding the airport.

Local media reports that police and wildlife experts set a humane trap for the bear, which was captured unharmed the next day on 15th June.

Airport Executive Vice President of Operations and John Tiliacos said in a statement obtained by Newsflash: “Thanks to these critical efforts, there was no risk to any employees or disruptions to airport operations.”

Florida wildlife officials later relocated the bear to Ocala National Forest in Central Florida.

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