Troubled Vietnam Veteran Wins Lotto Jackpot

A Vietnam War veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder has scooped an amazing USD 50,000 lottery win with a single scratchcard.

Walless Thompson, 74, from the city of Caldwell, Idaho State, USA, poses in undated photo. He won USD 50,000 (GBP 39,132) on the lottery on Tuesday, June 20, 2023. (Idaho Lottery/Newsflash)

Walless Thompson, 74 – from Caldwell, in the US state of Idaho – heartbreakingly told how he did not share his win with anyone except his cat, called Cat.

He said in a statement obtained by Newsflash on Wednesday, 21st June: “Oh, I haven’t called anyone. I found out on Father’s Day, which was emotional for me.

“Since my wife passed, these holidays and other things have been hard without her. She would’ve been the first person I called.”

Removal man Walles added: “Cat was happy for me! The next day, she was trying to play with me while I was pulling weeds.

“Cat is always there when I need her, she always hangs out with me and even sleeps with me in my bed.”

Walles told how he had already won USD 35 (GBP 28) on the scratchcard before reaching the final panel to discover his huge win.

The Idaho Lottery said: “At 74 years old, Walless has worked full time with his own small business as a 3rd party service to moving companies for 25 years.

“About once a week, he enjoys buying some Scratch Tickets from Jacksons in Caldwell to play while at home after work with his 10-year-old cat, named Cat!

“While playing his Blackout Bingo game, he was happy with the USD 35 he already won on his previous tickets.

“It wasn’t until the very last number was scratched, that Walless took a second glance.”

Walles added: “I didn’t expect to win anything! Thirty-five bucks had already got me my money back, and once I saw that matching number I just couldn’t believe my eyes.”

Idaho Lottery said: “Walless also told us that he is a Vietnam Veteran with PTSD, and Cat is his soul animal.

“Ever since his wife died, he has promised to make at least one person smile, every day.

“We are happy to say that he made our whole office smile yesterday!

“When asked what he plans to do with his prize, he said he’s going to pay off some bills and put the rest into savings, hoping he can get a more reliable vehicle when he chooses to retire.

“Walless, thank you for coming in and sharing your story. We know your wife is celebrating with you and Cat, and we hope you can get that new car soon!”

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