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Brazilian Football Player Dies After SUV Ploughs Into His Florida Home

A Brazilian footballer has died after an SUV ploughed into his Florida home.

Yuri dos Santos Vasconcelos, 24, played for Lakeland United FC in the US state of Florida and he died after the SUV crashed into his home in the city of Lakeland on the afternoon of Monday, 19th June.

The Lakeland Police Department (LPD) responded to the scene of the deadly crash on North Crystal Lake Drive at about 4:10pm.

The police said that a 2016 Dodge Durango ran a stop sign and hit two traffic signs before smashing into the home and hitting Yuri, who was inside the house at the time.

The police said that medics tried to save his life but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

The pickup truck driver and two passengers did not sustain any injuries, according to local media.

Lakeland United FC said on Facebook: “Yuri embodied and symbolized everything we strive to be as a club; he was loving, caring, courageous and compassionate.

“He was altruistic to the point of living a life dedicated to his family, friends and teammates. He was a leader in spirit and had an optimism that can only be perceived in those who have already evolved past beyond this life.”

The club added: “Yuri fulfilled his purpose through his everyday actions and will always be remembered by his contagious smile and his hunger for living and accomplishing not only his dreams, but that of those who he dearly loved and cared for.”

No arrests had been reported at the time of writing.

The investigation is ongoing.

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