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Disabled Wife Died Amid Trash And Poo While He Blew Her Cash On Cannabis And Beer

A husband who left his disabled wife naked and surrounded by animal poo while he blew her benefits on beer and marijuana has been charged with her killing.

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Victim Robin Grogan, 59, died of malnutrition, sepsis and a rare flesh-eating bug in hospital after police found her at the family home in the city of Cocoa, Florida State, USA.

She had been spread out naked on the sitting room floor with a sofa cushion on top of her surrounded by filthy household trash and animal poo, say police.

The house did not even have any running water, according to local media.

Police said she was so weak when they found her on 5th January 2022 she could hardly speak.

She died just days later because she was too weak to overcome her infections, an autopsy revealed.

Her husband Robert Eugene Bradford, 63 – now facing up to 30 years in jail – was charged on 2nd June with aggravated manslaughter and neglect, according to local media.

Police said in a statement obtained by Newsflash: “The victim in this case was discovered by law enforcement naked and covered by a pillow on the living room floor.

“The residence was dirty with animal feces within the residence.

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“The victim appeared in immediate need of medical attention and was transported to Rockledge Regional Medical Center for treatment.

“The victim died 12 days after being admitted due to the extreme nature of her medical issue.”

The shocked officer who found Robin said in an affidavit: “Before I walked into the residence Mr. Bradford informed me that he keeps a pillow over her due to her seizures.

“I observed Ms. Grogan laying down under a couch cushion.

“She looked surprised to see me, and appeared to be very malnourished.

“Ms. Grogan looked very thin and appeared to not be in a normal state of mind.”

After the officer asked her whether she wanted medical attention she was rushed to the Rockledge Regional Medical Centre by paramedics.

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The officer went on: “There were flies all over, and empty beer cans piled up in the living room and kitchen area.

“I located multiple medication bottles that were all empty. Mr. Bradford stated previously that she is out of medication and needs her prescription filled.”

Bradford – reports local media – told police that he was his wife’s carer and that her social security disability payments were paid straight into their joint account.

But instead of spending that cash on vital medicine or nourishing food, he blew it on beer and cannabis, say police.

They explained: “The money from that is used for living expenses, food, beer, and marijuana.

“He did not know how much if any of the money went towards medical care.

“He believed the victim was seen by a Certified Nursing Assistance through Sunshine Health approximately one month prior to this incident.

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“He did not prevent the victim from going to the hospital.

“The victim had not been seen by a medical professional more recently due to them not being able to afford a ride to Sunshine Health.”

Robin’s sister Kelly Matott told police she had tried to visit her several times, but Bradford had not allowed her into the home.

Tragically an earlier assault case against Bradford in 2019 where he was accused of biting his wife was dropped when she refused to cooperate with police.

A report by the Brevard County Medical Examiners Officer in November listed Robin’s causes of death as blood starvation to the brain, malnutrition, sepsis, pneumonia and necrotising fasciitis, a rare-flesh eating infection.

At his first court appearance on 11th June Bradford pled not guilty.

He is currently being held under a USD 100,500 [GBP 79,028] bond.

No trial date has been set yet.

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