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Woman Narrowly Misses USD 1.19 Billion Powerball Jackpot But Still Wins 100K

A woman from the USA narrowly missed out on the colossal USD 1.19 billion (GBP 970 million) Powerball jackpot by just one number, settling for a still substantial prize of USD 100,000 (GBP 81,500) in the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery.

Photo shows Billie Mooney of Waldo, undated. The woman claimed a $100,000 Powerball prize at the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery. (Arkansas Scholarship Lottery/Newsflash)

Billie Mooney bought the fortunate Quick Pick ticket E-Z Mart, located at 206 W. McKissack in Waldo, Arkansas for the Powerball drawing on the 4th of October.

She only discovered her winning ticket the morning after the drawing when she visited the E-Z Mart.

Billie said in a statement obtained by Newsflash from Arkansas Scholarship Lottery, “I go in to get my morning drink, and the two cashiers are just excited, hopping up and down.

One lady has the winning numbers in her hand, and the other says, ‘Miss Billie, have you checked your numbers yet? Someone from our store has won.”

Despite her initial disbelief, Billie handed over her ticket to the cashiers for confirmation. To her astonishment, the lottery terminal emitted a distinctive chime, accompanied by a voice declaring her as the winner of the USD 100,000 Powerball prize.

The regular participant in the lottery from Arkansas, she promptly shared the news with her daughter.

She anticipates the lottery prize will offer her and her family much-needed financial stability.

The Powerball jackpot has soared to an estimated USD 1.73 billion (GBP 1.4 billion) for Wednesday night.

Eric Hagler, Arkansas Scholarship Lotter executive director, stated, “The jackpot ranks as the second-largest in the Powerball game and fourth-largest among U.S. lottery jackpots.

This is also the first time in Powerball history that back-to-back jackpot cycles have generated billion-dollar grand prizes.”

Winners of the jackpot have the option to receive their prize in one of two ways.

They can choose an annuity, which entails receiving 30 graduated payments spread over 29 years. Alternatively, they can opt for a lump sum payment estimated at USD 756.6 million (GBP 616.6 million).

It’s important to note that both prize options are subject to taxes.

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