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Brave Six-Year-Old Bites Child Snatcher

A fearless six-year-old put the bite on a would-be kidnapper when she fought him off by sinking her teeth into him.

Suspect Leonardo Venegas, 32, was arrested in Miami, in the US state of Florida on Saturday, 8th July, two days after he had tried to snatch the girl at her apartment block courtyard on Thursday, 6th July.

The girl – named only as Ah’lyric in local media – fought back when Venegas tried to pull her into a white Range Rover.

As he picked her up and carried her to the 4X4 she sank her teeth into his arm and he dropped her in agony, slapping her as he fled.

He was arrested when police traced his licence plate on CCTV footage.

Ah’lyric told how her mum had taught her how to defend herself saying: “I bit him.”

Proud mum Teshia McGill said: “I’m glad she knew how to fight back.”

Venegas – who claimed he had been in the area looking for houses to buy – has been charged with kidnap and child abuse, according to Miami-Dade Jail records.

Miami Police Captain Freddie Cruz said: “This is a case that has us extremely worried, concerned, something that’s not very common.”

He added: “Luckily we were able to apprehend this individual.”

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