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Carjacking Suspect And Police Officers Stung By Wasps During Arrest

Officers in the US State of Washington found themselves having to ward off a swarm of wasps that kept stinging them while arresting a 22-year-old carjacking suspect.

Newly-released footage shows the unusual challenge that the responding officers were faced during the arrest operation in East Queen Anne in Seattle on 13th August.

The incident, which occurred shortly after 6:00 pm, prompted a flurry of 911 calls as witnesses reported a knife-wielding suspect attempting to hijack multiple vehicles.

According to the victims, the suspect blocked traffic and aggressively approached passing vehicles, resulting in significant damage to several vehicles.

Responding officers located the suspect on Dexter Way North, in a tunnel beneath Aurora Avenue North. The suspect attempted to flee but was apprehended in a nearby greenbelt area.

However, an unexpected twist occurred during the arrest, as both officers and the suspect were stung multiple times by wasps. Additionally, one officer sustained a laceration during the apprehension.

Both the injured officer and the suspect were transported to Harborview Medical Center where they received treatment.

The suspect was later booked into King County Jail on charges of assault, property destruction, and attempted robbery, pending further investigation.

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