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Former Animal Planet Star Helps Police Remove Alligator Blocking Traffic On Florida Highway

These images show a former Animal Planet star helping police to remove an alligator that was blocking traffic on a highway in Florida.

Tre Huntoon, a wildlife wrangler from the popular American TV show Gator Boys, which aired on Animal Planet, can be seen in the footage joining the deputies and trappers from Pesky Critters Wildlife Control to restrain the large reptile.

The footage shows the animal wranglers placing a lasso around the alligator’s neck and attempting to control it as it crashes wildly and performs death rolls in a bid to break free.

But eventually, the large alligator is brought under control, with its jaws taped shut with thick duct tape.

It can then be seen being loaded onto the back of a pickup truck with the help of Huntoon as the footage ends.

Newsflash obtained a statement from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office on 6th June saying: “You never know what you’ll get on a call in the Florida Keys!

“Upper Keys Deputy Jason Farr was on the 18-Mile Stretch Monday when he assisted with the removal of this alligator with South Florida wildlife removal expert Todd Hardwick.

“Tre Huntoon from the TV show, “Gator Boys,” was leaving the Keys and also stopped to lend a hand!
Never a dull moment!”

And Pesky Critters said in a statement on the same day: “Pesky Critters Wildlife Control trappers were dispatched today at 6:40pm after a 10 foot alligator made its way onto the northbound lanes of the 18-mile stretch at mile marker 126 and backed up both lanes of traffic!

“Traffic was backed up for over an hour as police officers secured the area so our trappers could remove the gator. After a lengthy battle with this massive gator, trappers successfully removed it and traffic was able to flow again.” (sic)

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