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Mother Ripped Her Baby From ICU Incubator

A mother who slashed three hospital staff with a knife after snatching her newborn baby from an intensive care unit has been seized by police.

Photo shows Kendra Deanna Greene after being arrested. The mother from Florida took her newborn out of intensive care, stabbing three hospital staff. (@palmbeachcountysheriff/Newsflash)

The incident took place at Palms West Hospital in Palm Beach, in the US in Florida, on Thursday, 13th July.

Accused Kendra Deanna Greene, 31, allegedly ripped the feeding tube from her three-day-old infant’s stomach and the ventilator pipe out of her throat.

She then pulled the critically ill newborn out of her incubator and marched to an exit, according to local media.

And when one medic begged her to stop saying the baby could die she snarled: “F*ck you, b*tch.”

Hospital security declared a pink alert – code for child abduction – with staff blocking all doors.

But Greene, said police, allegedly slashed three workers with a serrated kitchen knife to force her way out.

She was arrested after she had dropped the baby off with relatives, who called the police.

The infant – who was having treatment for underdeveloped lungs – was returned to hospital and is recovering, according to the police.

Photo shows Kendra Deanna Greene. The mother from Florida took her newborn out of intensive care, stabbing three hospital staff. (Newsflash)

Greene is being held at the Main Detention Center in Palm Beach County on charges of aggravated child abuse, battery, resisting an officer without violence and two counts of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

Newsflash obtained a statement from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office on 14th July saying: “Last night, we responded to a stabbing at Palms West Hospital. Kendra Greene, the suspect, entered the NICU unit and removed her three-day-old infant from the ventilator.

“When she attempted to leave with the baby, hospital staff members intervened, so she took out a knife resulting in injuries to three staff members.

“Fortunately, Kendra dropped off the baby with a family member so the baby was safely transported back to the hospital by Palm Beach County Fire Rescue and is currently in stable condition.

“All three staff members received treatment for non-life-threatening injuries and were discharged the same evening.

“Kendra Greene was arrested shortly after and is now at the PBC Jail on multiple charges.”

The investigation is ongoing. It is currently unclear why Greene removed her baby from the hospital.

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