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Brave Cop Rescues Three Cows Stuck Inside Burning Barn

A brave cop in the USA has been called a hero after he rushed inside a burning barn and rescued three cows stuck inside.

Officer Andrew Crabb was about to end his overnight shift when he noticed smoke coming from a nearby farm in the city of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin State, USA, the morning of 25th June.

A body camera footage shows him rushing towards the barn where he found three cows stuck mid flames behind a locked gate.

He said: “Once I realised what was going on inside that barn, I realised the gate didn’t get undone and those cows were not going to make it.

“So I ran in there and got the gate and then got them out. And I didn’t have to really encourage them too much. They knew exactly what they needed to do once that gate was open.”

Once outside the barn the three animals reportedly made beeline for the rest of the herd in the pasture.

A police officer, Andrew Crabb, rescues three cows from a barn fire in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, USA, Sunday, June 25, 2023. As soon as he spotted smoke coming from a barn at a farm, he stopped, dashed across a field, and entered the barn, finding the cows trapped and mooing in distress. (Sturgeon Bay Police Department/Newsflash)

Crabb emphasised that he was pleased how efficiently the volunteer fire brigade managed to “save the majority of the structure”.

The officer’s bodycam video was viewed more than 75,000 times after the Sturgeon Bay Police Department posted it on social media on Tuesday, 4th July.

The department said in a statement obtained by Newsflash: “Check out this body camera footage from a Sturgeon Bay Police Department Officer.Ќ

They added: “The officer was able to quickly respond to the fire, entered, and rescued three cows trapped within the fire.

“Thankfully, everyone was safe!”

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